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The International Web Developers Network (IWDN) provides Web designers a real-world testing ground for new and existing Web projects. Core team members help each other test speed, multi-platform/multi-browser usability, accessibility and many other key dimensions of design important to today's Web professional. The IWDN also gives all developers a place to exchange ideas, knowledge and resources in a highly focused environment.

How the System Works

The International Web Developers Network site has two tiers. Many portions of IWDN are open for public use, including most forum areas and articles posted by core team members and outside contributors. Core team members have the added benefit of engaging each other in a controlled forum area, and they enjoy private communication privileges between each other and the site administrators. Limited access to these additional areas ensures more targeted, useful results and discourages spam or malicious use.

Core team members of the IWDN are prequalified based on open-ended questions regarding experience with Web technologies, a diversity of projects and visual design, in that order of importance. Because members are prequalified and applications are discussed by existing members before membership is granted or denied, the IWDN is a great place for members to collaborate on projects. Core team members can engage the community in project-specific discussions, subcontract work and exchange RFPs between each other with confidence.

About Our Core Team Members

Membership is not limited to developers working in corporate environments or with clients. The privilege of membership is extended to individuals who show a real need for this type of service and demonstrate a desire to give back to the general development community. This might include Webmasters working with single sites, entrepreneurs who rely on their Web presences, hobbyists with a serious interest in learning and contributing to others and traditional Web development professionals.

Membership within the Core Team is by invitation. Invitations will generally be made to regular IWDN forum members who have displayed the appropriate level of proficiency in one or more areas of development-related technology or business areas and have demonstrated a willingness to share their expertise with the general population and learn from others as well.

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